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May Bank Holiday Tanning Tips

Sunshine…we see you! With summer in sight it’s time to show some NKD SKN this May Bank Holiday weekend.

For the ultimate Tan Goals, use our fool-proof tanning tips to transform your dull winter complexion into gorgeous NKD SKN for the long weekend ahead. Get ready to glow!

All About That Base

The secret to getting the perfect tan? Silky smooth skin! Make sure you prep with an oil-free scrub to get rid of any dry patches of skin that tan can tend to cling to.

Beach, please!

Don’t let your feet ruin your ‘Chillin in the park’ Insta. The sun will only naturally tan the tops of your feet, so make sure you replicate this when applying your NKD SKN. Apply tan to the tops of your feet and blend down for the most natural result. #beachlife

Claw Your Way To Bronzed Skin

When tanning your hands make a claw effect to reach those tricky areas. Yes, you might feel strange but you’ll thank us for it when your tan is on point. Do not tan in between your fingers – it’s a dead giveaway for a faux-glow. Top tip: take a damp cloth and wipe over knuckles to lift any excess tan for the most natural result!

Lotion Or Mousse? Decisions…

If naturally hydrated skin is not your friend and you are concerned about dryness, use a lotion as it will deliver greater hydration and leave the skin super-soft. If you’re blessed with naturally plump and hydrated skin then the mousse is for you. You simply cannot go wrong!

Super Boost Your Glow

Next to tan, green is literally our favourite colour. Seriously, eating green vegetables boosts your L-lysine levels and helps for a smoother application and longer lasting tan. Bring on the kale smoothies!

Wear Protection!

Using a mitt to apply self tan is the only way to go, it ensures a streak freak and natural looking finish. Plus it protects your hands from those tell-tale false tanning signs!


Prolong Like A Pro

NKD SKN Tans will keep you super hydrated but further moisturise your skin with an oil free product to make your glow last even longer!

Now go ahead and bronze up… It’s time to get your glow on, girl!


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