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Glow on throughout the summer with NKD SKN

Maintain a healthy summer glow with NKD SKN

Summer is finally here! (if we can call it that)! Whatever it may be, the temperatures have slightly risen and that calls for a well earned summertime glow I think! Whether you’ve got a trip planned or you’re staying in the country, we all deserve a little pamper. So if need be, why not pretend you’re on a tropical island somewhere with the help of NKD SKN!

Why not start off with a little holiday glow prep? A number of us prefer to pre tan before we head out into the heat and sandy island of our holiday destination, in hopes of blending in with the locals and not sticking out like a sore thumb! Get your holiday prep on using my Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturiser – a moisturiser with a hint of tan, which will leave your skin feeling smooth, nourished and looking sun-kissed. With a subtle glow that develops over 4-8 hours and can be deepened daily for a much more bronze glow, you will have everyone believing you’re a native!

@savvyjavvy knows how to get her holiday glow! Included in her holiday essentials is my Gradual Daily Tan Moisturiser. “Some packing essentials for my next journey. let’s just say I’m going somewhere sandy and warm!”

One other product we swear by is my Pre Shower Tan! Apply it 10 minutes before you shower, then wash off and wa-lahh you’re ready to go, it will gradually develop over 4-8 hours for a deeper luxe tone. So why not apply it before you leave for your trip to ensure a super fresh glow guaranteed to make you feel island ready! And if you haven’t got any trips planned, no need to feel left out! You can still use my Pre Shower Tan as a pick me up and stay glowing all summer long. You’ll have your friends fooled into thinking you’ve been abroad. What’s a little white (tan) lie!?

Get your summer prep on like beauty blogger @kkeeaattoonn using my Pre Shower Tan – one of her summer essentials and a favourite amongst bloggers! It will have you glowing in no time! And if you want a slightly deeper luxe glow, go for my Tinted Tan Mousse in dark guaranteed to get you bronzed and leave your skin feeling super smooth, plus! it’s odourless and fades without patching! What’s not to love!?



150ml / 5.07 fl. oz

Apply Pre Shower Tan. Shower after 10 minutes. Watch your tan develop gradually over 4-8 hours! A perfect hydrated finish. Use daily to gradually build a deeper tan. 

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