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Glamour Magazine LOVES NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan

Have you heard? Glamour Magazine LOVES NKD SKN Pre-Shower Tan!

Our groundbreaking new product is the fastest and easiest way to tan – it works in just 10 minutes (yes, really!) so that you can literally tan, shower and go! And now, it’s official – Glamour Magazine loves NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan.

‘If someone told you that there was a fake tan that went on like a body lotion and you only had to wear it for 10 minutes before showering it off, leaving it to gradually develop over 4 to 8 hours AND it was odourless(!) you’d be pretty sceptical right? Right. I was too. Seriously sceptical. But, NKD SKN’s pre-shower tan does just that. No drill. No lie. I’ve tried it over and over, washed it off in both the bath and shower and waited for the catch. Waited for that biscuity smell to develop on my bed sheets and clothes but all I’ve found is a streak-free, smell-free honey tan. I’m still trying to believe it myself…’ Alice Howarth, Glamour Magazine. Read the full article here.

This amazing product is the world’s FIRST Pre-Shower Tan. Simply apply the unique formula onto the skin like a body lotion, leave for 10 minutes, rinse off and you’re good to glow for a sun-kissed bronze that will develop over 4-8 hours… it’s as simple as that.
Perfect for those first-time-tanners – our Pre Shower Tan won’t transfer onto clothes while developing or when developed, it isn’t affected by sweating, it applies onto the skin clear, it doesn’t smell, and is super hydrating and nourishing for the skin!
What are you waiting for… try the latest tanning technology that’s got everyone talking… All hail Pre-Shower Tan and love your #NKDSKN



150ml / 5.07 fl. oz

Apply Pre Shower Tan. Shower after 10 minutes. Watch your tan develop gradually over 4-8 hours! A perfect hydrated finish. Use daily to gradually build a deeper tan. 

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