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10 Things To Do In 10 Minutes For A Freer, More Fun Life!

1.Breathe & find your inner calm

Switch off your mobile! Sit in a quiet place with a timer set for 10 minutes.
Take five deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth and gently close your eyes.
Focus on the physical sensation of the body on the chair and your feet on the floor.
Gently count the breaths as you focus on the rising and falling sensation – one with the rise and two with the fall, upwards to a count of 10. Repeat this cycle for 10 minutes.
Bring the mind back to the sensation of the body on the chair and the feet on the floor. Gently open your eyes and stand up when you feel ready.

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2.Call a Friend

There’s nothing like a ten-minute catch up with your bestie!

Whether you keep meaning to get in touch but have no time, or you know of one friend who is always up for a good chat about anything and everything, a 10 minute conversation can get you feeling like you’re ready to take on the world!

3.Zone Out

Turn your brain off for just 10 minutes and do something mindless and beneficial!

Flick through a magazine for outfit inspiration
Empty the dishwasher or fold the laundry
Clear junk mail from your inbox – a clear inbox is a clear mind!

4.Organise Yourself

Put pen to paper for 10 minutes and save time throughout the day.

Writing it down means it doesn’t have to take up space in your brain! So whether it’s making a shopping list, compiling a birthdays calendar or planning your meals for the following week, take 10 minutes to get it down on paper and create space for more fun ideas!

5.Get Grateful

Stop. Take time to think. Focus on the good things.

6.Yoga Time

Whether you’re a novice or experienced yogi, some simple moves can make you feel more energised in less than 10 minutes!

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7.Jump on the Juice

The Ultimate Pineapple-Kale-Blast

Spin up a healthy juice in less than 10 minutes to kick-start your day! The Pineapple-Kale blast has two fruits in it – pineapple and apple, and is a great beginner green juice as it’s sweeter than most.

6-8 large leaves of kale with stem
1/2 large cucumber
1/2 bunch parsley (or cilantro)
1/4 to ⅓ pineapple meat, no skin
1 medium apple (either yellow or green)

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8.Spice Up Your Life

Morning Metabolism Booster

Spice up your mornings with this miracle metabolism booster and detoxifying drink. An easy to mix, home-made pepper and lemon concoction, this brew will give you the kick-start your body needs.

Ten-minute recipe:

Warm 500ml of water to body temperature
Juice half a lemon directly in to the glass
Mix in a pinch of non-irradiated cayenne pepper
Finally, add a tiny amount of maple syrup or raw honey to sweeten
Mix it all together and drink immediately

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9.Turn Back Time

Practice This Time Management Mantra for a Ten-minute game changer!

Plan Your Day – Block Your Time – Always Do Your Most Important Work First – Make Decisions and Live with Them


Try a bit of beauty maintenance with a 10 minute mani, give your nails some breathing (and growing) space with some super speedy nail upkeep.


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